Savoir-faire artisan, de père en fils.

Our story

SAINT PIERRE, formerly Gastronomie Concept, is a Quebec-based, family-owned business that has been operating out of Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts in Quebec’s Laurentian Mountains since 1992.

In 2022 we updated our identity to better reflect our mission, and to reinforce our expertise in the frozen foods that have made us the reference in quality, taste and freshness for the discerning palates of our customers. Under our new brand identity, SAINT PIERRE continues to market a wide range of gourmet products that are worthy of the finest restaurants, yet ready in a flash.

Our company has achieved this by developing innovative techniques in frozen foods, while also leveraging direct access to the best local and international producers and livestock farmers. As a result, we are able to bring you more than 180 premium quality products ranging from hors d’oeuvres to starters to desserts, all vacuum-packed in individual portions and frozen. All of our products are available in store, by order and by delivery across Quebec.


In 1979, Mr. St-Pierre was hired as a busboy at the Banff Springs Hotel. In just a few years, he rose through the ranks to become the maître d’.

An entrepreneur at heart, Mr. St-Pierre then went into business for himself. After several projects, in 1992 he returned to his first love: gastronomy. Drawing on his experience, he created his own cuisine with an emphasis on quality and consistency.

Mr. St-Pierre instilled the joy of sharing a good meal in his sons Dominic and Jonathan, and invited them to join the henceforth family business.


Dominic joined the company in 2004. His passion for the culinary arts quickly led to an interest in products and their origins. He continues to develop his expertise in order to forge relationships with local producers and seek out the finest foods, while also ensuring quality control during production.


Jonathan brought his marketing skills to the company in 2010. A true foodie, he fine-tunes his knowledge of haute cuisine through his travels. Jonathan is passionate about food and wine pairings and shares his enjoyment of wine discovery by integrating his favorites into the menu.

Our chefs



TGSAR graduate chef Guillaume Brunet perfected his craft under his mentor, chef Bernard Zingre, at Le Creux du Vent restaurant in Val-David, Quebec, from 2004 to 2010. Subsequently the co-owner of Bedondaine Traiteur along with his wife Véronique, he then became co-owner and founder of Station B restaurant in Val-David, and eventually joined our company's team in 2019. A unifier who’s passionate about French gastronomy, our chef infuses a unique harmony of flavors into every dish.


Pastry chef Marie-Ève Fournelle has been crafting in our kitchens since 2011. With a specialization in chocolate-making in addition to her classical training, she elevates our desserts with her attention to detail and finishing. Marie-Eve showcases her creativity with delicate execution, to the delight of your taste buds.


The sum of the experience, creativity, rigor and commitment of each member of our team is what allows our company to flourish. Their skills, combined with a network of enthusiasts with whom we have forged relationships over the years, make a formidable team that’s ready to handle any situation that might arise in a kitchen.